The Life Of The Pizza Is Scarier Than You Thought

To be honest with you, the history of pizza is extremely boring; it’s not something that you want to use to entertain your 10-year-old before bed. Your much better off finding a greater story that is more exciting. While it’s not the best for telling stories, pizza is great for eating.

There are countless fun facts that you can learn about pizza. There is a very long history about pizza, and you would be shocked to learn the facts surrounding it. The rise of pizza’s popularity has left it dominating the global industry. A pizza oven could be just what you need. Get online and find the best pizza oven for home use. All you need for a pizza maker is dough and ingredients.

Many people view pizza as a fast food and doubt its healthiness. However, others believe it can be an excellent treat with the right ingredients. Despite some of the drawbacks, pizza has risen to fame in everyday societies.

The Interesting History

Pizza ovens are very popular when it comes to making personal pizzas. There is a long and interesting history about pizza, but we’ll save that for another post.

The man who holds the world record for pizza eating is actually from Romania. He was able to eat 200 pounds of pizza in a single week. That might not sound like a lot of food to eat over the period of a week, but it really is a massive amount.

In 1990, the biggest pizza ever known to mankind was created. It consists of nearly 500kg of flour. During 2004, the longest pizza delivery every recorded took place. In case you were wondering, the pizza was vegetarian.